All Over Town and I Never Left My Chair

I don’t do crossword puzzles.

I don’t play games with clues,

If I wish to solve a mystery

I listen to the family news.

It starts at the kitchen table

And Beky will sweetly say,

I saw that Sally got married

On such-and-such a day.

Was that the Sally the daughter of Jim,

That lived by the tree near the bend?

No says Judy promptly,

You’re thinking of the daughter of Ben.

Ron says I know Sally,

Her dad was the barber in town,

He lived in the house on the corner.

No Stephen says with a frown.

The barber lived on the gravel road,

Where Willis has a big farm,

Not so said Mattie in a stern voice,

That had a tone of alarm.

Willis sold the farm to Donny

And his boy now runs the place,

You know he had a brother

That disappeared without a trace.

Sheri said I went to school with him,

His name was Jack or Bill,

I worked for his Dad at the dairy,

And that was not a thrill!

Oh Sheri his name was Ben or Tom,

Aaron said with a confident tone,

I know I talked to his Mother

Who wanted repairs on her home.

Charles spoke I know his mother

She’s one of the Thompson sisters

Who lived on a farm near Economy

And lost a cow in those twisters!

Or maybe I’m thinking of Johnson,

That lost the pig in the snow,

Now in the middle of winter,

Where would a big sow go?

And so I’m left here clueless,

Over who is Sally’s Dad,

Where does the barber and Willis live,

Will the answers be had?

And where is the long lost brother,

Bill or Ben or Jack?

Where is the cow, where is the pig,

Too many facts to unstack!

© Charlotte Franck  4/1/2005

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