Corporate Man

Jack was known by all the VPs,

His reputation outstanding.

Jack was as spotless as virgin snow,

If scrutiny wasn’t demanding.

(Jack was nimble,

But Jack got fatter,

As he climbed that

Corporate ladder.)

 Jack knew the buzzwords,

The values and mission.

Jack’s great ideas were

The toast of the division.

(Jack had brains

And common sense,

But as he climbed higher,

He became dense.)

Jack spoke empowerment,

And his workers he blessed

By insuring they were blamed,

For the whole, bloody mess.

(Lies became truth,

And truth became lies.

He sacrificed clarity

For compromise.)

So Jack became president,

And nothing changed,

Except for the office

He rearranged.

(He gave up principle

For the next promotion,

Of making a stand,

He had no notion.)

The employees below

Didn’t notice a thing,

It was business as usual

With a corporate ring.


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