In Space

They say in space there is no sound…

I think then I must be in space

For all my sound has been erased,

Though I screamed “I am here”

All I heard was one shed tear.

I turn my face toward distant suns

To pray my past will be undone

For I feel sobs I cannot hear

Except the falling of one tear

Perhaps the tear spoke it all

Embodying every bruise and fall

They say in space there is no sound

But for my tear I won’t be found.

©April 21, 2008


Believe it or not, I first wrote this poem and captured the feelings. Then as Sheri and I examined it, I caught the meaning.

This seems depressing at first, but I look it as a pre-redemption poem. It talks of how isolated we each are and as humanity. It points to the first tear shed when we separate ourselves from God and how that one tear really did embody our fall, pain and suffering. It is pre-redemptive in that only the tear makes the sound that will allow us to be found – the good news is God hear that teardrop.


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