The Day Before Tomorrow

Royal Gorge Picture of Pike's Peak (2)

They watched their hopes die on a tree
The promised one to set them free
Was bound behind a tomb of stone
They were shattered and alone
The day before tomorrow.

Desolation filled the air,
Sobs and wailing of despair
Filled those waiting in the room,
But other sounds filled up the tomb
The day before tomorrow.

They did not hear the gasp of death
As it drew its dying breath.
They did not see the liberty
When souls once captured were set free
The day before tomorrow.

Life still pulses from the tomb
Death has died.  He’s coming soon!
We will taste the victory,
Hold on to Him for you were free
The day before tomorrow.

Revised March 2016- C. Franck


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2 Responses to The Day Before Tomorrow

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  2. This is ‘beautiful’… Thank you

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